Mr Isaac malitz

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I am considered to be the creator of Positive Set Theory, done via my 1976 diss at UCLA.

My "day job" is running a software dev firm in Los Angeles

However, additional serious activities:

[1] President, , the oldest and one of the most renowned contemporary music series in the world. Early leadership was Schoenberg and Stravinsky, and the org has been at the level ever since.

[1a] Related to [1], I became interested in the topic of *How do you model the phenomenon of music ?*  The short answer has two partsL [i] Music is too complex to be analyzed/understood with any single approach. The only feasible way to do this is via models, or better yet , multiple models. [ii] I have created one important new model myself, kind of a music-critic emulated via AI; but more important, I have surveyed and collect what I think are all of the most important models. There are 11.

[2] Current project (I am a PhD logician - Philosophy/Logic degree UCLA. And expert in various areas of AI). *If 50 years from now an advanced robot reads Descartes Meditations as if addressed to the robot, what would the robot have to say?*  This is a fascinating, very rich topic.