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  • Emily Rose Ogland has just completed an MA in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick (UK), having graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2018 with a BA in French and Philosophy. Her research interests center largely on phenomenological questions of human nature and intersubjectivity. She is pursuing an MA in Literary Translation and hopes []
  • Philosophers often think about normativity just when doing normative philosophy. When we decide its time to submit instead of revise, we often think we are done doing ethics. If asked to reflect on how a journal or conference review might be value-laden, we might think that the relevant principles should be those which guarantee fairness []
  • Every few years, a book is published for a lay audience that reports major findings in cognitive psychology related to learning or what is sometimes called the science of learning. For those of us outside the discipline, they provide an accessible means of staying abreast of new findings as well as an opportunity to think []
  • Philosophy is having a strange cultural moment. On the one hand, it is routinely presented as the quintessential example of an utterly useless academic field. Students who decide to major in philosophy in my department at the City College of New York are often asked by their peers, not to mention their parents, “What are []
  • In organizing and movement-building circles, we often talk honorifically about our “fearless” leaders: people who are unflinching, who are not afraid of any fight and who never back down. However, over nearly two decades of experience as a community and labor organizer, I have found that it is quite rare to find a person who []

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  • Have you heard this one before? An ultra-Orthodox Jew breaks the rules by going online, falls in love with stand-up comedy, and starts performing...
  • If I were to say that I’m thinking about having sex with my stepbrother, I guess you’d tell me to think again: sex with a sibling or even a stepsibling...
  • Maesteg

    A generation ago, the Welsh valley town of Maesteg was a booming coal mining and manufacturing community. Today, the mines and factories have all...
  • American torture

    For 400 years, Americans have argued that their violence is justified while the violence of others constitutes barbarism By William Fitzhugh Brundage...
  • Aldous Huxley argued that all religions in the world were underpinned by universal beliefs and experiences. Was he right? By Jules Evans Read...