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  • Club Advisor: Matthew Meyer The Philosophy Club of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire began, in its current iteration, in the Fall of 2015. The club has always met in the library of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. At times, the seminar tables there felt quite packed. On any given meeting night, there may [] The post Undergraduate Philosophy Club: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire first appeared on Blog of the APA .
  • One reason that immigrants relocate to new countries is because they want their children, grandchildren, and so on, to lead better lives than they would otherwise. This somewhat banal observation offers what I think is a compelling justification for relatively well-off nations to admit migrants from relatively worse-off nations. This justification starts by appealing to [] The post Immigration, Samaritan Duties, and Future Generations first appeared on Blog of the APA .
  • Jake Camp is a writer and community college philosophy professor who lives in Colorado with his sons. He talked with Heidi Schmidt about his new work of fiction that highlights philosophy, life, and big questions of living. This is a work of fiction, but it deals with some central philosophical ideas. How did you set [] The post Recently Published Book: Banshee and the Sperm Whale first appeared on Blog of the APA .
  • Isabel Canfield is a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame. Her central interests are in ethics, moral philosophy, and action theory. Isabel is also involved in medical ethics research at Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find Isabel entertaining her [] The post APA Member Interview: Isabel Canfield first appeared on Blog of the APA .
  • What is the subject matter of the philosophy of computer science? I believe that the philosophical questions lurk everywhere, even beyond those areas conspicuously covered in the current discourseartificial intelligence, the nature of formal systems, and technology ethics. I want to interrogate more widely, of computational objects, questions of how things work in the world [] The post The Philosophy of Computer Science first appeared on Blog of the APA .

The Stone

Daily Nous

  • The Department of Philosophy at St. Olaf College will soon have a new endowed positionthe Kierkegaard Chair in Christian Philosophythanks to a $2 million gift to the school. We are thrilled to know our...
  • To φ Or Not To φ

    To φ Or Not To φ by Tanya Kostochka Other Daily Nous Comics / More Info About DN Comics Tanya Kostochka on Twitter
  • Mini-Heap

    More links for the Heap What should you do as the commenter on a philosophy paper?  some common and not-so-common options, from Jonathan Ichikawa (UBC) What’s the use of impostor syndrome?  Stephen Gadsby...
  • Edmund L. Gettier III, professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has died. Professor Gettier had interests in philosophy of language, metaphysics, and logic, but was...
  • Following years of extraordinary mismanagement by administrators, Laurentian University is attempting to address its current financial insolvency by eliminating a shocking number of academic programs...

Philosopher's Cocoon

Leiter Reports

Aeon Philosophy

  • ‘It creates for itself its share of joy on an inhospitable ground’ – why Nietzsche found plants an inspiration for living By Aeon Video Watch...
  • From the Big Bang to a heartbeat in utero, sounds are a scaffold for thought when logic and imagery elude us By Christina Rawls Read at Aeon
  • Meet Steve, a British bouncer in LA who has overstayed his US visa yet hates what immigration is doing to the country By Aeon Video Watch at Aeon...
  • Nightmares becalmed

    I’m a dream engineer. Through touch, scent and sound, we help people rescript the dramas of their sleeping lives By Michelle Carr Read at Aeon...
  • He was a literary lion and an infamous pederast: what might we learn from his life about monstrosity and humanity? By Rachel Hope Cleves Read...