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  • I always bring earplugs when I go to an art museum. My friend puts on an eye mask before listening to an anticipated album for the first time. My partner goes out of his way to avoid seeing trailers for movies he might watch. All of us are making efforts to have a pristine aesthetic []
  • Andrew Cullison is currently the founding executive director of the Cincinnati Ethics Center, which launched at the University of Cincinnati in January 2022. Prior to that, he was the director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University. What do you do at the APA? I am the Secretary-Treasurer of the Eastern Division. []
  • Lead image: © This is Engineering Jason Borenstein is the Director of the National Science Foundation’s Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) Program. Jason will be participating in an APA webinar on ER2 on September 28, 2023, at noon Eastern time (11 a.m. Central, 10 a.m. Mountain, and 9 a.m. Pacific). Cindy Holder, Chair of the Virtual []
  • Author’s Note: This article discusses sexual and physical violence targeting incarcerated trans women. Amid the ongoing wave of anti-trans legislation in the U.S., it can be tempting to see the courts as a forceful, if unexpected, defender of trans rights. At the time of writing, all of the seven federal district courts and one of three courts of []
  • Standard philosophy of science courses tells us that philosophy of science emerged in the US as a result of the arrival of the Logical Positivists in the 1930s. These immigrants brought with them a view of science that combined verificationism, scientific reductionism, and inductivism. This view was later challenged in a number of ways. Karl []

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  • Segmented displays

    Seven-segment displays are a nifty and efficient solution to a design challenge, but is a better version possible? - by Aeon Video Watch at...
  • Deservingness

    In post-communist eastern and central Europe, history is intensely personal and economics is saturated with moral feeling - by Till Hilmar ...
  • Imperial Russia had little access to the bountiful tropics that other empires enjoyed. So it created its own in the Caucasus - by Oleksandr Polianichev...
  • By turning a hose, concrete and jelly into trumpets, this video melds science, history and art to explain the physics of music - by Aeon Video...
  • Long derided as mere coincidences, acrostics in ancient poetry are finally being taken seriously – with astonishing results - by Julia Hejduk ...