Professor John Corcoran

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John Corcoran (born 1937, Baltimore, USA), philosopher, logician, mathematician, linguist, and historian of logic, whose work stems from the desire to understand proof and demonstrative knowledge. This has led to concern with the interrelations of objectual, operational, and propositional knowledge and with the nature of logic, the nature of mathematical logic, information-theoretic foundations of logic, conceptual structures of metalogic, relationships of logic to epistemology and ontology, and roles of proof theory and model theory in logic. His interests, hypotheses, and conclusions continue to evolve but many are foreshadowed in his earliest works, especially his 1973 paper “Gaps between logical theory and mathematical practice”. See References below.

            Corcoran’s papers have been translated into Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. His 1989 signature essay “Argumentations and logic” has been translated into four languages. His 1999 instructional essay “Critical thinking and pedagogical license.” has been translated into five languages. Several of his papers have been reprinted. His 2015 article “Existential import today”, co-authored with the Iranian logician Hassan Masoud, is currently first on its journal’s most-read list.